Hi, I’m Albus and I’m a mini lop bunny from the UK. I love mint, binkies and doing tricks and I guess my hoomins are up there too. This is my bunny blog where I’ll do my best to show how wonderful bunnies are as pets (modest I know!).


Floppy eared sorts like me are the 3rd most popular pet in the UK, however thousands of us end up in rescues every year!  I personally feel this is because me and my bunny friends are very often misunderstood creatures. Consequently we aren’t always cared for properly and this can stop us being the happy hoppy buns we want to be!

So as well as all the fun fluffy stuff, I’ll try to give some advice on bunny welfare too. Me and my hoomins learn new things about bunny life all the time so I think its worth sharing our knowledge and ideas.


Instagram: @albustheminilop

We can only improve the way bunnies are care for if we learn together.



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